In just 10 weeks, the new Halfords' site had generated 900k sales, reported 19% improvement on checkout rates and 14% improvement in conversion rates. Also, a staggering 628,837 product and ‘how to' videos were viewed, which is the equivalent of around 844,000 hours of Top Gear - a truly scary thought.

The previous site was very cluttered with over twenty first-level navigation items and lots of duplicated content.

The first step was to streamline content by redesigning the site structure and use interactive functionality to progressively disclose secondary content.

Users can search for specific items or explore the many subcategories via a multi-level megamenu.

We advised on communication strategy and felt that users would better respond to images of people enjoying the products and editorial content rather than just presenting them with endless pages of similar looking product shots. We produced a tone of voice document that showed the benefit of speaking to customers in a more human way, rather than just bombarding them with product lists.

At the same time we actually managed to add editorial and video content without adding clutter that had people returning time and time again.

Whilst enriching the customer experience we still managed to streamline the purchase process and managed to cut checkout times in half.

We also produced campaign microsites that worked alongside the great new TV spots produced by Mother.
The work displayed here is the first few steps of a complete overhaul in the way that Halfords speaks to its customers on and offline.