I was asked by Nimbletank to design an app for Asos.com that would broadcast 6 themed collections to a young female audience. I designed wireframes for iphone, Windows and the then soon to be released Blackberry 10 platforms, which allowed the app to work seamlessly with native functionality.
The app itself was selected for the Blackberry 10 launch showcase so I came up with a couple of options for the title screen. Here each collection is represented by a balls that fall down and bounce of each other and the device edges. The user can then tilt the screen or shake the phone to move them around too.
Another version reacted to where the user tapped a menu item before navigating off to that section.
Once inside the app the content followed a clean and simple grid structure. Users swipe vertically to view more of a section or swipe horizontally to move to another.
Native BB10 menus combine with product details to allow users to quickly save, share or buy items from category level or tap through to view larger product views.