A fun celebration of young viewer’s pets

Boomerang is a children’s TV channel that predominantly screens animated programmes featuring animal characters and is viewed in 43.6 million households worldwide.

To encourage the channel’s young audience to tune in regularly we launched the Pet Personality Awards – bestowing national tv fame on hamsters from Hastings to Hartlepool.

Flexible & fun

The site had to be easy to update by the client, but we wanted it to feel as vibrant and fun as the channel itself – so set about bringing static assets to life in environment that was flexible enough to make different character styles feel part of the same family.

The winner is…

Kids, with parental permission, could upload photos, videos and drawings of their pets to enter them into a variety of categories with the winners featuring on the Boomerang TV channel.

We started off small but this competition, but it grew with each iteration as it became more successful and got some great recognition when my own children saw the website on the channel a few years after!

Best in show

Even kids without pets could join in by training and grooming a virtual puppy that lived in a desktop app.

Users were prompted to regularly exercise their pups and tech them tricks by drawing shapes screen. Points were rewarded to the best trainers that could then be spent on pampering and accessories in the Pet Parlour.