Enabling lawyers to work on the go

Thomson Reuters is a Canadian multinational mass media and information firm.

We were asked by their Legal Division to design and build a tool that would allow lawyers representing both sides of a case to read, edit, approve and share documents on mobile devices in order to speed up workflow and increase billable time.

Top level functionality

A multi-level side menu gives the user speedy access to documents, check lists and resources.

Here they get a clear picture of comment activity on each of their cases and can quickly forward documents to colleagues.

Delving deeper

Once a document is opened the user can tap to view a multi-level breakdown of all associated issues.

Either party can make contextual comments on document content by selecting a word or phrase. All other active parties receive notifications on submission.

Keeping track

We developed a live data visualisation to illustrate the activity of both parties over the course of the case.

Users can quickly scan the graph to see time taken to reply by each side (vertical axis), volume of issues (horizontal axis) and outcome of each (colour coded blocks).