A sumptuous home for a luxury brand

Hotel Chocolat is a British chocolatier and cocoa grower, with over seventy shops throughout the world. Their mission was to make chocolate exciting again by providing luxurious treats featuring never tried before flavours to discerning customers.

We worked directly with Angus Thirwell, one of two founding HC partners, and their in-house ECD to design to understand exactly how they wanted Hotel Chocolat to be perceived.

Luxurious assets

Hotel Chocolat wanted to feel like a luxury fashion house so they produced some fantastic photography for us to use. Each panel was made up of several levels that moved independently as the user scrolled to create a sense of depth and really bring them to life.

The sumptuous shop

We drew inspiration from high-end retailers to create a refined shopping experience that but was still quick to move through. Users were able to navigate to products by type, occasion and recipient.

Product pages went beyond the norm to showcase tasting notes, dietary details and gifting options alongside best in class ecommerce functionality without the pages feeling bloated.

A tasty checkout problem

This was a great problem to crack: Customers may want to gift their purchases to different people in different countries with bespoke wrapping and messages – and chocolate starts to melt at 30ºC!

We managed to design a checkout that could flex to cater for all of these requirements whilst feeling light and fast to users with simpler needs.