Halfords - logo

Transforming a struggling offline business

When we first met Halfords their website was just a giant repository of uninspiring  products – the online equivalent of a warehouse clearance sale. They were perceived as an offline brand that offered poor quality products and motoring essentials.

Most people didn’t even know that they actually stocked high end cycling gear and camping products too – so it was clear that we need to think strategically in order to inspire as well as inform.

Inspirational engagement

A common gripe in user interviews was that the sea of similar looking products was overwhelming and uninspiring. To counter this we added personality to the tone of voice and showcased products in an engaging editorial format that inspired customers to look deeper into the catalogue.

We also looked to the future by demonstrating how we could use bespoke IoT devices and pull in real world data from apps such as Strava to support product claims and encourage customer loyalty.

Sell! Sell! Sell!

The product catalogue had to work for everything from high-end road bikes to windscreen wiper blades and needed to be flexible enough to display product options and promotional flashes. We kept the look clean and clear whilst making help content readily available for users who need it.

We created hundreds of videos that ranged from bike product demonstrations to how to change a bottom bracket to inspire and empower users – adding even more reasons to purchase.

We cut the amount of checkout steps by half, whilst keeping all of the great fulfilment and gift personalisation options.