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Revolutionising how a heritage brand speaks to its customers

BT had a pretty tame problem: too many people were struggling with their online billing and account system, and as a result their customer service ratings were taking a battering.

To counteract this BT needed an online experience that would satisfy their 18 million UK customers and cut calls to an expensive to run call centre. Straightaway it was clear that huge improvements were needed to allow customers to self-serve and better enable call centre agents to help.

Designing, evaluating, iterating

We gained great insight from stakeholder interviews, customer feedback and a previous “incubator” project that identified key pain-points. This allowed us to identify user requirements and use card sorting to organise functionality.

We then brainstormed different concepts that could serve this functionality to both sets of users. We worked fast, sketching out ideas and critiquing them daily within the working group before presenting to key stakeholders and iterating.

The final three

Once we settled on 3 distinct creative routes we produced personas, wireframes and visual designs for 7 key user journeys which we presented in a co-creation workshop with customers, advisors and stakeholders, who collectively voted on the concept they felt worked best.

We then presented each concept to groups of invited customers, agents and key stakeholders in to critique and vote for their favourite route.

Putting it all into practice

I was delighted to get the chance to put the principles that we defined into practice. Throughout this time I was responsible for selling in creative concepts and design work to senior client stakeholders, managing the work of design and UX consultants, and was heavily involved with organising client and user workshops. We worked in 2 week sprints with local stakeholders and an offshore development team.

Billing and account information can sometimes be quite complex and longwinded, and people can get overwhelmed by content or even lost – so we wanted to make a site that all users could simply breeze through.

Keeping inline with our design principles: we streamlined content to make it quick to scan, and just showed the minimum information that we believe the user will need to complete their task. This made previously daunting tasks such as setting up Direct Debits feel quick and easy to complete.

Contextual hints, notifications and alerts help the user to avoid unexpected costs and get the best out of their service – without feeling like they’re being given a hard sell.

What did the client have to say about me?

“Stu is a great UI designer and has got a really good eye for UX as well, which makes him an awesome addition to any design team. Not only that, he makes going to work an enjoyable task as he’s fun and easygoing. Can’t wait to work with him again.”

Isabel Alonso – Product Manager